Windows 7 - Using wbadmin command

How to make a batchfile to create a disk image of one or multiple drives, backed up to an external device in Windows 7 and schedule it to run regularly. (without spending any money on additional backup programs and software)

If you have more than one internal hard drive you wish to backup in Windows 7 Home Premium, and you want/need to backup the drives to separate external hard drives, (eg. one external drive has insufficient storage space for all your internal drives, so separate backups are needed), windows 7 backup wont let you. Windows 7 "backup" is only able to create one backup schedule to one external hard drive.


To create a separate scheduled backup disk image from an internal drive to an external drive, a batch file can be written, saved in the windows folder and scheduled to run in windows task manager.

Example:- you have set up windows 7 backup to run a scheduled backup of drive C: to external drive F: and You also need to backup drives D: & E: to external dirve G:

Using the "wbadmin" command in windows 7.

Open notepad and type the following:-

wbadmin start backup -backupTarget:G: -include:D:,E:

Substitute the drive letters for your particular drive letters or paths.

Save the file as wbadmin.bat in the C:\windows folder.

Open windows task scheduler and setup wbadmin.bat to run as administrator on the schedule you choose.

Note:- The command will run in the background and will not report if there is an error. Because of this it is important to check the disk image from time to time, to make sure the modified date is changing according to the schedule you set up.

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